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Extended Learning Program (ELP)

Extended Learning Program (ELP) testing Information

For information on the Elementary Magnet ELP testing, click here.

Program Description

The Extended Learning Program (ELP) provides one component of the Basic Educational Program in the Salt Lake City School District. Students who are academically noticeable in their environment in the top three grade levels of each elementary school are selected through a battery of tests to participate in specialized curriculum and instruction. They are pulled out of their general education classrooms and work with a certified teacher who has a gifted and talented endorsement.

Grade Level Goals and Objectives

ELP curriculum extends from the Utah State Core Curriculum, with added depth, complexity, abstraction, and novelty. ELP also offers opportunities for academic peer association, appropriate pacing, and authentic products.

Salt Lake City School District’s Extended Learning Program (ELP) provides specialized educational services for identified gifted and high ability elementary school students.  Applications for magnet ELP testing will be available on the ELP website

For more information contact the ELP Department staff at 801-578-8573.