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Hi, I’m Jayne Woodruff.  Las Vegas, Nevada is where I grew up in a close family with one brother, five sisters, and our wonderful parents.  Later, I got a BS and Masters at BYU and raised my family here, so Utah and its amazing scenery and outdoors have been home for quite a while.  I love the wonderful people and diverse Utah culture. Before having my family, I did a doctoral study at Ohio State University with Charlotte Huck in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on Children’s Literature.  I’ve taught and enjoyed every elementary grade (K-5) except 6th living in San Jose, CA, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City School District.

     My son (Matt), three daughters (Brooke, Heather, and Michele), their spouses (Laura Richardson, Bracken Roberts, Firdosh Kavarana, and Nathan Shepherd) and now eight grandchildren mean everything to me.  I try to spend all the time I can get with them.

     Beacon Heights kids are the best!  We have the greatest supportive parents---we are spoiled and we know it and appreciate you.  Our faculty and staff are very dedicated and it’s motivating to be part of a team that cares so much about serving our children with an outstanding education.

     I love your children and teaching.  At times it has seemed amazing that I get to do all the rewarding and engaging things I do in a day and at the end of the month even get a pay check besides!

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