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Hi! My name is Karen Redmon, and I’m the ELP teacher for Beacon Heights and Dilworth Elementary. ​ I have taught 4th, 1st, and 5th grades for the last 11 years.  Outside of school, I often take classes on a variety of topics and participate in service projects through an organization called the Lions Club.  I’m allergic to pet dander (furry animals), but I currently have a golden doodle puppy that doesn’t make me sneeze or itch (usually).  I’m good at singing, theme party planning, and packing the maximum number of items into a small space.  I also speak Japanese.  My favorites include chocolate-covered strawberries, Japanese or Indian cuisine, a singer called Vienna Teng, the Prydain Chronicles, and Harry Potter.  My interests include: camping, hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, sewing, theater, reading, and most of all-- learning. ​ Although I like learning about almost anything, one topic I have enjoyed studying recently is sustainable living (how to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without using up earth’s natural resources).


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