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Covid Re-Entry Plan

The health of students and staff members is our top priority.  The following guidelines are intended to provide protection for our employees, students, and community.  

Beacon Heights administration, faculty, and staff has been planning for the reopening of school and has considered what teaching and learning will be like for teachers and students living under a new set of health and safety protocols. We have prepared plans for inside of classrooms, on the playgrounds, in the lunchroom, at recess, at drop-off and pick-up, inside the library, and much more. The daily schedules and routines have been reimagined with new policies and protocols to maintain a safe and healthy school environment.

In order to meet guidelines regarding health and safety protocols and in an effort to mitigate risk for our students and employees, we have made significant changes and investments to our classrooms and physical environments. 

Click Covid Re-Entry Plan to view the complete Beacon Heights plan for return to in-person learning.