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Community Education

Mindfulness Parent Resources

As a school community, we value mindfulness and incorporate mindfulness principles and practices into our school day.  On this parent resource page, we will be including resources that parents and families can use to support their mindfulness practice at home.  

“Mindfulness is not solely about self-care. It is about our interconnectedness and the need to take compassionate action for ourselves and our community to improve our collective well-being.  Mindfulness is not just asking students to “take a deep breath” to calm their nerves after announcing a surprise test. Mindfulness is about making trauma-sensitive choices that support all bodies and experiences.  Mindfulness is not only meditating while away on a retreat. It is about finding daily moments to respond instead of react; to savor the good and offer gratitude; and to give our fullest presence and attention to each other.” (

Here are some videos about mindful schools: Videos Archives - Mindful Schools
These are some resources to help you spark important conversations with your child to help them learn mental health skills: Mental Health Coping Skills for Parents - Healthy Minds (