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Child Behavior Therapy Unit (CBTU)

Overview of the Children’s Behavior Therapy Unit Program

The Children’s Behavior Therapy Unit (CBTU) is a school-based day treatment program of Valley Mental Health.  Valley Mental Health contracts with the Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) to provide services for 40 of SLCSD’s special education students.  CBTU serves Kindergarten through 6th grade students.  CBTU is part of Beacon Heights Elementary School.

Students are referred to CBTU from SLCSD due to severe behavioral issues and mental health needs.  They also come to CBTU from other more restrictive placements like a residential or hospital setting.  The students come from all over SLCSD district.  Transportation is provided by district buses. 

We have 3 classrooms in CBTU.  Each class has a certified SLCSD Special Education teacher and a SLCSD paraprofessional.

Valley Mental Health provides each class with one to two Behavioral Specialists, or Behavioral aids.  In addition, the program also has two family therapists, and a secretary.

CBTU provides special education in a behavior support classroom setting.  The CBTU students attend Beacon Height’s pull-outs like art, computer lab, library, PE, dance, and the Science Lab.  The students attend lunch, assemblies and recesses under the supervision of CBTU staff. The program runs on a structured level system based on behaviors.  As students improve their behaviors, they move up the level system, earning more privileges.  As they progress to our higher levels, they become eligible to mainstream into general education classes in Beacon Heights.  As they continue to maintain their target behaviors, they are then transferred to their home school behavior support classroom.